Q. I saved my work to a library computer yesterday and now it’s gone…what do I do?


NEVER save your work to a library computer (unless you are doing so in order to email it to yourself), it will be erased when the computer is rebooted, which happens a minimum of once a day.

If you need to save your work, please save it to a flash drive or email it to yourself as an attachment. 

To save your work to a flash drive:

1) Place your flash drive into the USB port located on the front of the computer tower.

2) Click on the large Microsoft button located in the upper left hand corner.

3) Click on "Save As".

4) Select the format you would like to save your work (ie "Word Document", "Excel Spreadsheet").

5) Select your "removable drive" from the dropdown menu, often the "E:" drive.

6) Click "Save"

7) To safely remove your flash drive, click on the little green arrow icon in the lower right corner on the screen.

8) Select your flash drive from the list and click "stop".

9) Pull your flash drive from the tower.

To email your work to yourself as an attachment:


1) Save your work to the desktop of the computer you are working on (Click "Save As" and select "Desktop" from the dropdown menu).

2) Sign in to your email account.

3) Compose a letter to yourself.

4) Enter your own email address into the "To" field.

5) Click on "attach a file", sometimes a paperclip icon is used to represent this.

6) You may have to click a button marked "browse". 

7) Select "desktop" from the dropdown menu.

8) Click on your work.

9) Click "attach".  You work should now be attached to your email.

10) Send your email.  It should appear in your inbox.

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