Q. Who is your library instruction coordinator?

I am a student reference assistant at the University of Georgia library system, and I am working with a group of librarians who are designing a survey about library instruction in higher education.
At this stage of the project, we're collecting contact names and email addresses of librarians who coordinate library instruction. If you could provide the information for this school’s library instruction coordinator, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks for your time.


Hello, Lydia -

Sorry to be a couple of days slow in replying! Our reference availability, this week after Commencement, has been a little erratic, what with "retreats" and other special events.

We used to have a library instruction coordinator, but we no longer do. We are a fairly compact group, each of us serving as liaisons to one or more academic departments. The librarians regularly meet to discuss instruction and share practices, but faculty members in our departments contact us directly to set up instruction sessions. Most of our faculty members - at least the full-time faculty members - know who we are, and we're also listed as liaisons on our web site. It is also typical, then for liaison librarians to do the instruction for their departments. In that respect, we don't "coordinate" who will teach what session. In exceptional situations, we may ask for substitutes.

Though this is not quite the same, you may wish to contact our Head of Reference/Public Services librarian, Benjamin Brudner: bbrudner0708@curry.edu. I'm happy for you to write back to me directly, too, at my own email address (I don't always check the current page): dmiller@curry.edu.

I hope this helps, but do be in touch if you have other questions.

Best wishes,

David Miller

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